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White and Gray Boots

White and Gray Boots

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Sophistication and style.

Soft and delicate colors that evoke adventure and enigma at the same time. The grayish in the back of the boot conveys a feeling of determination, responsibility and order; a color that will perfectly match your best outfit. On the other hand, white provides comfort and the safety needed to avoid taking a false step. The white color suggests peace, warmness, harmony; it means that something good is to come. 

Both colors lie on a matte black bed that evokes elegance and modernity. You will get from cold to warm in the blink of an eye and that change will instill into you; your energies will be more focused. 

This design is full of deep and true meanings and is here to change your life. Its colors are considered to lack personality, but in reality they may represent harmony and the balance your feelings need to keep going. A sense of calmness will run through your veins, and your doubts will disappear. 

When you wear a pair of “White and Gray”, the definition of a gray day will change completely, and you´ll love how things start to make sense. What are you waiting for to buy yours?

Our boots are made with eco-friendly materials (Yes, Mother Nature will thank you!), w/ breathable fabric insoles, perfect for any time of the year. 

They feature knit mesh, foamy lining and channel midsole, single stitch welt, high-quality round laces, and an outsole that provides a better grip and traction. You will feel that you are walking in the clouds!


Extremely long-lasting, durable rubber sole. Ideal for your daily routine. 

Size availability

Styles come in sizes  Women's  4.5 US to 12US 

Styles come in sizes  Men's          3 US to 13 US

Boot care and maintenance

Easily wiped clean. Only need disinfecting wipes to remove all dirt. 

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