About Us



For us, making shoes was never just an aesthetic whim. It has little to do with patterns, design or purpose, but instead with what goes beyond the shoe itself. In a way, shoes reflect your personal style, bear your entire body weight and, at the same time, help you move forward. They also symbolize a journey, since they take you wherever you want to go.

That is our purpose at Edición Especial.


Mizrrain Lias

Our story

The implementation and growth of the Edicion Especial idea took time and effort. Mizrrain Lias, the founder, meticulously developed the concept, drawing inspiration from his travels and urban movements. After conceiving the vision in Venezuela, it required careful planning and execution to bring the brand to life.

Over the years, Mizrrain honed his artistic skills and curated a collection of unique designs. The brand's establishment in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 2018 marked a significant milestone, providing a new headquarters to foster growth and expand its reach.

Building a successful brand and gaining recognition in the competitive fashion industry requires continuous dedication, innovation, and adaptation to evolving trends. Edicion Especial's journey to implementation and growth is an ongoing process, driven by Mizrrain's unwavering passion and commitment to offering exceptional, limited-edition designs.

“Metaphorically speaking, when you set your foot on the ground you take possession of the land you tread on/own the land underneath”