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Portable leather travel bag

Portable leather travel bag

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【Material Description】PU leather material


【Accessory structure】 Portable travel leather bag


【Product performance】

Preferred material: This travel leather bag is made of PU space leather, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and the overall texture is rich;

Waterproof material, resistant to penetration, you can go out safely in rainy days, and can effectively protect your belongings.


Exquisite craftsmanship: This bag pays great attention to details, so a lot of effort has been put into the fabric, material and style design;

Smooth zipper straps and professional production technology make our bags more beautiful and durable, fashionable and practical at the same time.


Intimate design: This bag pursues comfort and practicality. Its large-capacity design can store clothes, socks, cosmetics and other items in an orderly manner, making it convenient to go out and travel to new places.


Equipped with two handbags and a shoulder strap, it is ergonomically designed to reduce pressure and can be carried by hand or on the shoulder to meet a variety of scenarios.


【Applicable scenarios】

High quality leather bag, used for travel and fitness.


【 Washing instructions 】

Do not bleach or wash directly. Use wet wipes or alcohol cotton to wipe the outside.

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