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Orchid sneakers

Orchid sneakers

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Orchids have an unusual sheer beauty. In Venezuela there are many species and varieties that are distributed throughout the national territory, and they are so much appreciated that the orchid Cattleya Mossiae was declared as the national flower.

Orchids in lilac and purple and leaves in green and white appear suspended on a light blue background. These are colors that promote equilibrium of mind and emotions. It is an image of peaceful beauty that draws you into a state of peacefulness, encouraging you to tap into your inner self.

Set forth on this personal and intimate journey wearing a pair of Orchid.  


Our shoes are made with you in mind. That's why we choose the best materials available to ensure strength and durability: perfect for walking, running and jumping.

Size availability

Genderless styles come in sizes 3US to 13US

Shoes care and maintenance

Here's the best part: our shoes are easy to clean. You just need to wipe them down to get all the dirt off. They will always look like new!!! 

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