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Malasia Red Boots

Malasia Red Boots

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Malaysia is home to the Rafflesia, the world's largest flower. It is for this reason, and for its rare beauty and exoticism, that the Rafflesia serves as the inspiration for this design.

This plant is just fascinating. The only visible parts are the flowers, weighing up to 25 pounds with a diameter of almost 40 inches. What makes this plant so unique is its lifestyle. They grow at the foot of the trees, where they get their nutrients. The flower's lifespan is only 5-7 days. Nowadays, the Rafflesia flower is listed as endangered.

From the color palette, Malaysian Red takes the dark red and, together with small white strokes, attempts to imitate the color and texture of the Rafflesia.

Wearing a pair of Malaysian Red will make you stand out from the crowd!!!

Our shoes are made with you in mind. That's why we choose the best materials available to ensure strength and durability: perfect for walking, running and jumping.

Shoe care and maintenance
Here's the best part: our shoes are easy to clean. You just need to wipe them down to get all the dirt off. They will always look like new!!

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