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Edicion Especial Handbag

Edicion Especial Handbag

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Shine from the inside out

This wonderful color combination produces brightness, the one you need to keep cultivating happiness. These two colors are strong and leave an indelible mark wherever they are found: they can't go unnoticed, and in spite of being just a few pink letters, you can feel the power in your body and heart. 

The red color is eye-catching, powerful, and intense. It is the color of energy, while the color black represents strength, sophistication, and nobility. These are the feelings you will experience when wearing this beautiful red and black combination. 

You will glow, you will feel a sense of confidence and determination, a great longing to know more and try new things because this design shines with its own light and it is the perfect choice for you. 

We all love to have a great graphic handbag, but there's one better thing - a vegan leather tote that virtually no one else has and is eco-friendly to boot!  That’s what this is colorful and Combat Handbag is!  Truly one of a kind and “green” with its vegan leather, this skull handbag is a unique addition to your fashion accessories! 

Great as a biker girl gift, this purse is so unique that all of your girl crew will want one!  Give this vegan leather tote to the lady in your life that loves eclectic handbags and the much-loved colors design

Let's your spirit be free and artistic.

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