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Artsy Tote

Artsy Tote

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A warm,  contemporary style.

The brown background leads us to evoke various emotions, from calmness and serenity to peace and success; a color that reminds us of that cherished beverage called coffee. 

The color brown, when combined with burgundy, creates a symbology that is not only earthly but also spiritual; the green represents nature, simplicity, and authenticity, and the pink symbolizes tenderness. With every step you take, you will feel like you´re flying; you will feel like singing, laughing, dreaming… The energy within these colors will instill into your heart, soul and body.

When wearing this, you will feel how nature embraces you, because their color represents the bark of that tree trunk over a river that allows you to cross.

If you want to enjoy this incredible feeling, you´ve come to the right place!!! Get you a pair of “Artsy” and experience that 180° turn you are dreaming of.

We all love to have a great purse, but there's one better thing - a vegan leather tote that virtually no one else has and is eco-friendly to boot!  That’s what this colorful Combat Handbag is!  Truly one of a kind and “green” with its vegan leather, this artsy handbag is a unique addition to your fashion accessories! 

Great as a biker girl gift, this purse is so unique that all of your girl crew will want one!  Give this vegan leather tote to the lady in your life that loves eclectic handbags and the much-loved colors design

Let's your spirit be free and artistic.

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