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Tote bag (contain small packet)

Tote bag (contain small packet)

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Made of PU space leather, this bag boasts a soft and comfortable fabric with fine and clear textures. Its glossy, waterproof, and impermeable design instills confidence, even during the rainy season. The attention to detail is evident with its magnetic metal buckle, smooth zipper strap, and durable craftsmanship. Practicality and comfort are at the forefront with independent compartments for storage, a hand strap designed for ergonomic reduction of pressure, and an adjustable shoulder strap for versatility. This fashionable and versatile bag makes for a perfect birthday gift for mothers, lovers, girlfriends, and friends, and is suitable for various scenarios such as outings, travel, hiking, and shopping. Keep it looking pristine by wiping the exterior with wet wipes or alcohol cotton, and avoid bleaching or washing directly.


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