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New York Boots

New York Boots

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This design is inspired by the Street Art that emerged in New York in the 90's. Urban art is an artistic and social movement that aims to change social attitudes; it usually conveys subversive messages and a criticism of the system and The establishment; urban artists take public spaces by surprise and transform them.

Since the 1990's, New York roads, streets and public transportation systems vibrate with an explosion of colors, shapes and messages; posters, graffitis, and collages have an enormous impact on society not only for provoking political criticism, social struggle and reflection, but also for the sarcastic and humorous way of expression.

Composed on angular shapes in shades of red, blue, light green, yellow and white that stand out on a black background, New York is a colorful and throbbing design that captures the spirit of Street Art.

Walk in a pair of New York and feel what it's like to break the rules.

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