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Lake Elk Boots

Lake Elk Boots

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This design is inspired by the placid autumn afternoons on the shores of Elk Lake. Located in Grant County, Minnesota, the lake owes its name to the many elks seen in its surroundings by the pioneer settlers. Here, the colors of the sky, plants and water at dusk create a unique interplay of light and shadow.

The different patterns in green, orange, slate gray, brown, black and white on a bluish gray background simulates the natural elements on which to rest one's eyes when the moment of watching the landscape during the sunset.

At the end of the day, look at the road behind you with optimism in a pair of Elk Lake.

Our shoes are made with you in mind. That's why we choose the best materials available to ensure strength and durability: perfect for walking, running and jumping.

Shoe care and maintenance
Here's the best part: our shoes are easy to clean. You just need to wipe them down to get all the dirt off. They will always look like new!!

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